Poetism Commentary: "Achievement"

The poem in question: Achievement

This poem was for another assignment for Mr. Williams’ class, and, being as lazy as I previously mentioned I am, I used the same theme, just from a slightly different perspective: that of the victor of the Great Battle. In fact, Achievement could probably just be tacked on to the end of Aftermath and we could call it a day. This is double dipping at its finest, folks.

The only thing I wonder is if “All is dark, save a lone flame / Held by the victor / Of the Great Battle,” how exactly is he “crowned / In his triumph / And mirth”? Are bats doing it? Perhaps Daredevil got a sonic resonance from the weeping woman’s sobs? The simplest explanation is that he is only metaphorically being crowned, what with him being the last one standing, as it were. I imagine him taking the weeping woman as his new queen to rule over with him. He hopes she has some mining skills to fetch the gold for their real crowns.

I wonder what kind of grade I got on this poem? I hope it wasn’t very good. I dug through a few boxes last night to try and find the original copy, but I haven’t found it yet.

A funny thing to note: many of my poems begin each line with a capital letter. A lot of the poetry I have seen follows this practice, and I am unsure why. Perhaps Wikipedia knows the answer, but I don’t care enough to go look right now. I continued this practice for quite a while until I realized that was downright silly (though, to be fair, possibly no more silly than another trend I took up: all lowercase letters except for words like “I”). As I do these commentaries, it will be interesting to note the different styles I used throughout the years.

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