Monthly Archives: March 2005

"That is Neverland"

Having recently viewed the wonderful Finding Neverland, I am now ready to state, without equivocation, that I could listen to Johhny Depp speak with a Scottish accent all day, every day. Better yet, I’d love to hear him converse with Billy Boyd.

I am now determined to learn a passable Scottish accent. Right now, every time I try, what comes out is a combination of French, random English, and a wee bit of Irish accent, with a pinch of Scottish thrown in on a good word. I must consult my Scottish mission companion for pronunciation tips. I also must rewatch The Lord of the Rings and Finding Neverland several times for educatory purposes.

Of course, it could have used a lightsaber or two, but I’m hoping to compensate for that omission by playing Lego Star Wars very soon.

Orson Scott Card is the Author

I just finished reading Shadow of the Giant, the latest in the decidedly amazing Shadow subset of the Ender series. After being somewhat astounded–again–by the enormous talent of Mr. Card, I paid a visit to the forum on his site via The Philotic Web, where I learned that there are at least three more Ender books in the works.

At first, I despaired, because I know I’m going to have to wait forever before they come out. Then I realized that I’m okay with the wait, for the following reasons:

  1. OSC writes a ton of other stuff, so it’s not like he’s only got the Ender books going and only puts them out every couple of years, unlike a certain author, who shall remain nameless.
  2. When I finally do get my grubby hands on the newest book, every speck of it is wonderful. There aren’t any endless pages consisting of nothing but “Oh no, what dress shall I wear today while I sniff at the men and emphasize my bosom by folding my arms a certain way” or “I’m the Dragon Reborn brood brood brood” or “I was going to [fill in the blank], but that will have to wait for the next book,” which also seems to have become a tendency in the nameless author’s work. (Don’t get me wrong, the first seven books were GREAT. But I’d like some of the plot threads to get resolved before I die, let alone Mr. Jordan. Oops, did I just say his name?)
  3. Orson is a really cool name.

Go read some Ender. Now.