Daily Archives: 6 Sep 2006

Signs of the times

A block and a half from my new house is a branch of the Bank of American Fork. There is a large sign in the front that I drive by every day, which says:

Bank of American Fork
Spanish Fork Branch

For some reason, I giggle every time I see that sign. My wife thinks I am crazy.

I do not, however giggle at the Cingular store sign. Rather, I get angry. In the month I have lived in my house, I have gotten approximately eight million times as many dropped calls as I have in the whole two years previous that I have been an AT&T/Cingular customer. The Cingular store that opened up just four blocks from the above-mentioned bank has a sign on the building that proudly proclaims “Fewest dropped calls of any network.” I even got a flyer in the mail yesterday reminding me that there is a new Cingular store in my neighborhood and that yes, Cingular has the “fewest dropped calls of any network.”

I tried to call Cingular and point out the irony, but my call was dropped.


I am sure to be recounting many fun stories about the primary sales person in my workplace, but here’s a small one, just for fun.

I maintain the company web site, what with me being a web programmer and all. This morning I found the following message in my email inbox:

“FYI – Canceled – account status page for realtors….spelled wrong. Cancelled is the correct spelling.”

Here is my response, carefully crafted to match his terse and ungrammatical approach to all things written:

“FYI – Canceled – every page word found on site….spelled right. Cancelled is an alternate spelling, especially in Britain, where we’re not.”