Yet another really silly blast from the past

I just found this gem on my hard drive.

twelve fluid ounces 2

been away so long
missed you while I was gone
so dark so liquidy so sweet
so really very very neat
when I can’t sleep at night
I know the next day you can make me all right
caffeine my friend my lovely companion
you’re better looking than the grand Grand Canyon
dark and moist
the only choice
juicy and Peppery and yummy
feels so good inside my tummy
maroon can with a new wide opening to make taste satisfaction even better
can’t get any wetter
all that is good
it’s only Pepper in my neighborhood
twelve will live forever
what a wonderful endeavor
we love your ouncy fun

So that makes a series of twelve fluid ounces 2, twelve fluid ounces (spidey remix), twelve fluid ounces (special haiku remix), twelve fluid ounces (alternative dark), and the spin-off a change in seasons of my life.  I wonder if I will ever find the original twelve fluid ounces.

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