Poetism Commentary: "The Danger In Dreams"

The poem in question: The Danger In Dreams

There are two things that I remember about this poem:

  • The middle stanza was the first part that I wrote. Who doesn’t like festering shadows?
  • The girl I had a crush on my senior year of high school told me she liked it. That’s always nice.

I’ve had some weird dreams in my life, a few of which have stayed with me for a long time. I had a dream about ten years ago involving a girl I had dated “giving” me away, for lack of a better word, to another girl named Heather. I have since always been quite wary of girls named Heather.

Recently I have had some dreams about my parents and their divorce. In one of the dreams I was talking to one of them, telling about another dream which I had had a few nights before. Why do I dream about another dream I had?

Dreams are wacky.

Anyway, I like this poem, though the meter is rough. I don’t have anything deep or profound to say about it; everything seems to be spelled out pretty plainly in the poem itself. Um. That’s about it.

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