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100% Recycled Awesome

I always thought Spider-Man was a little taller, though…

Switching to WordPress

Well, I finally gave up and installed WordPress for my blog.

Not that anyone knows, because no one but me reads my blog (hour after hour, after lonely old hour…).

I had thought about installing WordPress for quite some time, but my biggest obstacle was the seemingly daunting task of integrating it into my existing site.  It turns out that it was relatively pain-free, and the benefits are very nice, mainly:

  • Handy dandy search
  • Post categories
  • Easy post writing/administration
  • Remembering people who have commented before

My implementation had none of those things (though the comments thing didn’t really matter before, as I currently have a grand total of two comments, and they are from two different people).  I even learned how to write simple widgets so I could put my “of the page load” stuff in the sidebar.

There is still some cleanup work to be done, mainly with the bloated theme style sheet.  Someday I will also categorize my past posts.  Possibly I will be daring and find a new theme.  All in all, I like the “new” blog, though I have no illusions that liking it will make me post any more often.

Poetism Commentary: "The Danger In Dreams"

The poem in question: The Danger In Dreams

There are two things that I remember about this poem:

  • The middle stanza was the first part that I wrote. Who doesn’t like festering shadows?
  • The girl I had a crush on my senior year of high school told me she liked it. That’s always nice.

I’ve had some weird dreams in my life, a few of which have stayed with me for a long time. I had a dream about ten years ago involving a girl I had dated “giving” me away, for lack of a better word, to another girl named Heather. I have since always been quite wary of girls named Heather.

Recently I have had some dreams about my parents and their divorce. In one of the dreams I was talking to one of them, telling about another dream which I had had a few nights before. Why do I dream about another dream I had?

Dreams are wacky.

Anyway, I like this poem, though the meter is rough. I don’t have anything deep or profound to say about it; everything seems to be spelled out pretty plainly in the poem itself. Um. That’s about it.

Please, sir, may I have some more?

Little Oliver joined our family three months ago today. There are pictures here.