Poetism Commentary: "A Whisper"

The poem in question: A Whisper

There’s not really a lot to say about this poem, but what I said in my last commentary seems to apply pretty well:

The only thing that I can remember about writing this poem is that I wanted to write something. I needed to keep up the streak, even if the end result didn’t turn out as I hoped. I don’t remember what I was writing about then; I’m not sure that I even had anything specific in mind. Possibly I was just putting some words down that I thought could convey some message of which I was unaware.

One thing is for certain: this poem is not very good, and doesn’t really mean anything. (I suppose those are actually two things.) It seems to me that it was written somewhat like Pretense, i.e. I wrote down the first words that came to mind, as quickly as I could, and called it good. I like to keep things like this around so I have something to look at 10+ years later and have a good chuckle at myself.

That is all. Up next (assuming I don’t take another long break in writing) is a hopefully more interesting commentary about a hopefully more interesting (and better) poem. Stay tuned!

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