2019 Goals Update

How well did I do with my 2019 goals?  I don’t know!  I’m going to find out as I type this up!

Books to Read

I read two books, which is a large improvement, but still desperately sad.  I read and discussed Ender’s Game with my daughter, which basically should win this category for life.  I also read a Discworld book, The Light Fantastic.

TV Seasons to Watch

Haven’t seen before:

1/4.  I finished Cheers, DuckTales remains on my shelf, and The Flintstones et al. may as well just be a running joke at this point.  A tired, sad, running, joke.

Have seen before, but haven’t yet watched my BDs/DVDs:

3/3.  One category at 100%.

Have seen before:

Let’s say 0.5/2.  I watched NYPD Blue through season 9, since that’s what I had on DVD.  I got seasons 10 and 11 for Christmas, and I’ll pick up season 12 at some point and watch them this year.

Currently airing/will air this year:

Of the ones that count (Homeland season 8 was pushed to 2020), 8/8.  Two categories at 100%!  I shall endeavor not to let it go to my head.

Movies to Watch

From last year [2018]:

4/4.  Three categories at 100%!  I am on a roll.

From previous years, already seen or not:

29/29.  My head is swelling.

New this year:

The New Mutants was pushed back (again) to 2020.  Of those that remain, 10/14.  I missed Frozen II, Jumanji: The Next Level, The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, and Toy Story 4.

BDs/DVDs I [try to] watch at least once a year:


BDs/DVDs I [try to] watch at least once every other year:

8/9, having missed The Muppet Christmas Carol.  December wasn’t my best month ever.

BDs/DVDs I haven’t watched since 2015 or before:

This list was long, at 139 entries.  I think I watch 89, giving me a 64% success rate.  That’s what, a D?

Video Games to Play

First-time Plays:

1/4.  I started Crash Bandicoot and quickly grew frustrated at how hard it was.  I completed the Pokedex in Pokemon Let’s GO! Eevee though.


1/1.  I played the heck out of Breath of the Wild, again.  I am so excited for the sequel.


I actually did four (4) (FOUR) poetism commentaries in September, and started on a fifth one.  I think I only have around 20 left to go.  Perhaps I will finish this decade.

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