2018 Goals Update

How well did I do with my 2018 goals?  I’m going to say pretty terribly.  This was just kind of a crap year for that sort of thing, but I persevere with my reporting nonetheless.

Books to Read

Yeah, no.  Complete failure here.  2018 was supposed to be the year.  It was not.

TV Seasons to Watch

Haven’t seen before:

3 point something out of 5.  The Flintstones, as ever, remains unwatched, and I made it through 9 of 11 seasons of Cheers.

Have seen before, but haven’t yet watched my BDs/DVDs:

Let’s say 1.5/3.  I did Justice League Unlimited and one season of Mad About You.  I got a couple of seasons of NYPD Blue for Christmas so I’m going to try for those in 2019, along with the last season of MAY.

Have seen before:

I’ll say 3/5.  I got to show Buffy to my daughter for the first time this year, and it was so great (we also watched most of Angel).  NYPD Blue and Pinky and the Brain will be pushed back.

Currently airing/will air this year:

I got all but Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  The season was split up, with the last half airing in January 2019, so I’ll watch it all then.

Movies to Watch

From last year [2017]:

1/1.  This is probably the only category where I scored 100%.

From previous years, already seen or not:

(An impressive?) 23/24, only missing The Incredibles.

New this year:

Of those that count (the two non-Deadpool X-Men entries were pushed back to 2019), 9/13.  Aquaman, Spider-Man, Ralph Breaks the Internet, and Venom have to wait till 2019.

BDs/DVDs I [try to] watch at least once a year:

This category was a pretty big failure, at 7/24.  Generally I watch most of these during October, November, and December, but this year we had a) our family room not really movie-friendly for a good part of those months, as we were are redoing the flooring in it and our kitchen, and b) were mostly focused on Buffy and Angel, I only got to a few essentials, i.e. The Lord of the Rings, Scott Pilgrim, and (500) Days of Summer in December, with the Avengers movies earlier in the year before watching Infinity War.  My current plan is to watch the remaining films in January 2019, and watch the complete list again the the final months of the year.

BDs/DVDs I [try to] watch at least once every other year:

Here I fared better, only missing Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness.

BDs/DVDs I haven’t watched since 2014 or before:

I’m not sure if I even dare count.  There were 97 films in this category, and I watched 27, I think.  I tried to watch Ernest in the Army, but my DVD is no longer playable, apparently.  This will make for somewhat of a longer list in 2019.

Video Games to Play

First-time Plays:

I started all of these, and would consider having “finished” all but LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 (maybe I finished the main story? I don’t think so, though).  There’s still a lot of post-story content to do in Hyrule Warriors, and I probably have a lot of trophies left to earn in Mario Kart.  There’s some odds and ends left in Super Mario Odyssey, I’m sure, and I still need to fight the final boss in Spirit Tracks, I think.


I definitely replayed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild once I got a Nintendo Switch.  I did just about everything, including collecting all 900 Korok seeds.  I’m itching to play it again in 2019, though I’m not sure if I will try it in Master Mode or replay normal mode (I already did Master Mode in my 3rd playthrough on Wii U, and it was hard).


Yeah, right.

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