Poetism Commentary: "Le Thon Est Bon"

The poem in question: can only be found here! Wowzers!

As I was scanning through my notebook while doing the commentary for A Dream I found this little gem of a poem that I wrote one day in French class. It is not dated, but I am assuming I wrote it sometime during my junior year. I sat next to a girl named Sarah and we sometimes would come up with wacky rhyming French words to amuse ourselves. (She and some others would call me “Cliff” to amuse themselves, and I did not see the humor until much later. Alas.) A few of the small phrases we came up with were “la pêche se dépêche” (“the peach hurries”), “la semaine prochaine” (“next week”), and of course, “le thon est bon” (“tuna is good”).

And now, for your probably-not-reading-French pleasure, I present “Le Thon Est Bon.”

Le thon est bon
Especialement mon thon,
Mais le tien aussi,
Ton thon est si bon.
Son thon n’est pas bon,
Mais mon thon est bon,
Et le tien aussi,
Ton thon est très bon.
Si le thon n’était pas bon,
Ça ne serait pas bon,
Mais ne t’inquiète pas;
Le thon est bon.
Décidément, le thon est bon,
Mais mon thon et ton thon
Sont meilleur
Que son thon.

And now, the loose translation:

Tuna is good
Especially my tuna,
But yours also,
Your tuna is so good.
His tuna is not good,
But my tuna is good,
And yours too,
Your tuna is very good.
If tuna was not good,
That would not be good,
But don’t worry;
Tuna is good.
Decidedly, tuna is good,
But my tuna and your tuna
Are better
Than his tuna.

I told you it was a gem.

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