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Perhaps you could teach us how…

I was driving home from work today and saw a license plate frame on a motorcycle in front of me, which read:


I cried a little bit.

100% Recycled Awesome

I always thought Spider-Man was a little taller, though…

Switching to WordPress

Well, I finally gave up and installed WordPress for my blog.

Not that anyone knows, because no one but me reads my blog (hour after hour, after lonely old hour…).

I had thought about installing WordPress for quite some time, but my biggest obstacle was the seemingly daunting task of integrating it into my existing site.  It turns out that it was relatively pain-free, and the benefits are very nice, mainly:

  • Handy dandy search
  • Post categories
  • Easy post writing/administration
  • Remembering people who have commented before

My implementation had none of those things (though the comments thing didn’t really matter before, as I currently have a grand total of two comments, and they are from two different people).  I even learned how to write simple widgets so I could put my “of the page load” stuff in the sidebar.

There is still some cleanup work to be done, mainly with the bloated theme style sheet.  Someday I will also categorize my past posts.  Possibly I will be daring and find a new theme.  All in all, I like the “new” blog, though I have no illusions that liking it will make me post any more often.

Please, sir, may I have some more?

Little Oliver joined our family three months ago today. There are pictures here.

A really silly blast from the past

I used to work in a customer support group with my cousin. We would write all kinds of stupid things–mostly haiku, but sometimes long-winded and completely non-sensical. Soda was a common subject, specifically Dr Pepper, but on rare occasion we targeted Coke and Pepsi, as evidenced by this fine piece of art:

a change in seasons of my life

used to do coke
then I went broke
my dealer wanted too much money
as well as my honey
but my honey was funny
dressed up like a big fluffy bunny
the new generation
solved the segregation
world peace for all
a big bright green rubber ball
Pepsi is nectar
just ask my friend Hector
he sleeps with his Pepsi but that’s too much information for this story so I better stop now before it gets really out of hand
don’t have a cow
don’t bury yourself in the sand
just drink your nectar
in an alien vector
Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi
nothing rhymes with Pepsi
unless maybe you don’t say Audrey Hepburn you say Hepsi
but that would sound kinda silly
drink your Pepsi with Billy
find a nice filly
don’t get caught like Milli Vanilli
make sure the tape won’t screw up in the middle of your performance and then you look like a retarded freak
drink Pepsi all week
don’t drink Coke like a geek
this rhymage is getting weak
so the moral of the story is to drink
lots of Pepsi even in the kitchen sink

I don’t really even like Pepsi, actually, but it’s nice to see some Paul Simon references in even the silliest of things. Can you spot them?