2016 Goals Update

How did I fare with my goals for 2016?

Books to Read

I failed miserably.  Like a big fat 0.  This year I really hope to do better.  Like, for reals.

TV Seasons to Watch

Haven’t seen before:

We’ll call this 2.9/7.  I finished Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, five seasons of Star Trek: Voyager, and 1 season of The Flintstones.  I’m going to finish Voyager this month, and I’d really like to finish The Flintstones this year, since I’ve had the DVDs for so long.  The others, we’ll have to see.

Have seen before, but haven’t yet watched my BDs/DVDs:

Also a 0.  Justice League: Unlimited is definitely on my list for this year though, possibly after a rewatch of Justice League and even more possible after a rewatch of Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series (and maybe even Batman Beyond).

Have seen before:

1/3.  I watched Life, and was reminded again how wonderful that show is, and how wonderful Damien Lewis is.  I’d like to revisit Alias again soon, but I think Pinky and the Brain should take higher priority, and that my children should watch it with me.

Currently airing/will air this year:

I watched them all, with the exception of Homeland season 6, which is actually airing this year.

Movies to Watch

From last year [2015]:

Watched them all.

From previous years, already seen or not:

Watched them all.  Holy crap, was Interstellar fantastic.

New this year:

Watched them all.

BDs/DVDs I [try to] watch at least once a year:

Watched them all.

BDs/DVDs I [try to] watch at least once every other year:

Watched them all.

BDs/DVDs I haven’t watched since 2012 or before:

61/63, almost 5% better than last year’s 46/50.  This year maybe I’ll hit 100%.  The two I missed were Castle in the Sky (which I watched a few days ago) and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (which I’ll get to soon).

Video Games to Play

First-time Plays:

100% of 1.  I so can not wait for Breath of the Wild this year.  I may experience a few more first-time plays this year, depending on how the Nintendo Switch does.


100% of 4.  I had a fun time revisiting some Metroid titles, along with Skyward Sword.  Did I mention that I so cannot wait for Breath of Wild this year?  (Hint: I did not, because the first time you’re thinking of I said “can not” instead of “cannot.”)


I don’t think there was even a token poetism commentary entry this past year, and only one “Greatest Talks, Etc.” entry.  I think I should get try harder in the upcoming months.  It would certainly be difficult to be less productive.

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