Bandy's Other Friend

by Sandy Hundley
edited by Steve

1998 Sandy Hundley

I dedicate this story to Steve because he wrote me one (so I owe him one) and because he put me on his web page and because I left him at the East Bay Wendy's and went to American Fork, and then Spanish Fork.

Like Steve's story, Bandy and Yugo Play Pool, this is also a story of pure fiction. If you do not like this story and it causes you to go into a state of manic psychological madness then it is not my fault and all blame should be given to the creator of these characters and their stories (except this one), Steve Eastland (or in some cases, Eastman). Also know before reading this that if you go into a state of the above mentioned, do not try to contact the author and/or creator because they are probably still both in rehab and will claim that you are severely distraught and need immediate attention and to be put in a straitjacket in a padded room. If you are concerned that you may be affected by this work please do not read any further and contact your local mental institution immediately.

This story also takes place on a summer day. Not quite as lovely as the day that Bandy the Turtle and Yugo the Monkey almost won the Grandiose Yearly Pool Tournament (but were GyPT at the last moment by Fluffy the Starfish's winking at Yugo right before the winning shot), but still it was a fine day with a few clouds and a slight breeze coming from the north.

Yugo was just getting back from his wonderful class where he learned his wonderful (but sometimes annoying) English and French accents. He was practicing a particularly difficult dialect when he heard a shrill scream from down the street. He ran in the direction of the scream and discovered Bandy crying hysterically.

"Bandy, my dear turtle friend, what is wrong?" Yugo asked, watching the tears roll down her face.

"Ariel is gone!" Bandy cried holding up her right foot. Bandy's trademark Little Mermaid band-aid was missing.

Yugo stared in shock. "Where on earth has she gone to?" Ariel and Yugo had gotten pretty close in the past. Yes, Yugo had gotten a few of those closeups of Ariel that you don't enjoy too much. But despite all the times that they "weren't friends" they had more good memories than bad.

Bandy shrugged, sniffling. Yugo sat for a minute and then suddenly came up with a brilliant poem. Yes, Yugo still hadn't given up on that poetry thing that he was into and finally had sold a few poems on the black market.

Bandy, my dear turtle friend
This is not the end.
We will find your Ariel,
And if gone, a proper burial,
But we must go and look
In each cranny, crack, and nook.

Bandy looked up and smiled softly. "You're right. If I was gone Ariel would look for me.1 Oh, I miss her so."

Bandy and Yugo looked all over for that Little Mermaid, but alas, she was nowhere to be found. They searched day and night (taking time out, of course, to go to their Tuesday and Thursday rehab meetings ("We'll beat the drugs out of you!TM"). One day, after having searched and searched and still not found Ariel, Bandy made a rash decision.

"Yugo, my dear monkey boy, I must go away from this place and out into the world to find my precious Ariel. She must be so lost and alone, wondering where I am,"2 Bandy said.

"But Bandy, the world is so big! You don't know what's out there. And without Ariel to protect you. I might never see you again!" Yugo said. He couldn't lose his friend.

"Yes, this I know. But I have made this decision and now I must go. But don't you worry your furry little monkey head about me. With my determination to find Ariel I an unstoppable!" Bandy yelled. "Good bye, Yugo, and thank you for all. But may I ask one more thing of you before I go? Will you do your Chunky Monkey Dance for me one last time?"

Yugo nodded sadly and began the dance. Close to the end Bandy turned and started off on his search for his band-aid. Yugo continued the dance long after Bandy was out of sight.

Bandy did find Ariel, in the faraway American Fork. Unfortunately she was not happy there and so moved on to Spanish Fork, where things were a bit more spicy if you know what I mean. Bandy and Yugo still hung out occasionally, but were soon to drift apart.3 Bandy had been changed greatly by what she has seen and done in the outside world, and could never go back to the small East Bay world she knew before. Besides, Yugo hooked it up with Fluffy, so both Bandy and Yugo walked away feeling not quite GyPT.


1. Strictly speaking, Ariel wouldn't look for Bandy if she turned up missing. Band-aids don't do that.

2. Once again, no. But whatever Bandy wants to think, I guess.

3. See Monkeys Can't Play Hockey, next in the Bandy and Yugo saga.

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