You Want A Piece?

It's easy, ain't it? you tell me.
Of course, I humbly reply.
Step into my shoes, my friend, and
See the world through my eyes.
Deal with the hassles I face.
Resist the temptations I'm thrown.
Toss away the resentment inside me.
Erase all the anger I own.
Tell the world it can screw itself.
Tell it I'm not on its side.
Make me believe it's the truth I tell.
Resurrect the emotions that died.
Easy for me, you say with a grin.
Well whoopty freaking do for you.
Some of us have bigger fish to fry
And could use a little help, too.
Look at me! I'm so bloody good!
I'm perfect as can be!
Listen, you might have it made, but
It ain't that easy for me.

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