you thought you had it made

evil's all around us even though we may not see it there
we think it's not in us that we're holding it at bay
others see it lurking 'round pretending not to care
of course they see it as a trial we must attempt to slay

we can't see it inside ourselves but still
it's there though we deny
our carnal natures have a plan that
they must satisfy

sometimes we can't control all of the things we may do
but that's just wandering around the things we thought we'd hide
when others look away from curtains they can see right through
it's plain to see they're playing dumb so we can think we're sly

we only must convince ourselves of
things that really might be there
there's only someone else around to
aid us if we dare

disabused of notions we once held in high opinion
we fall and fall and wish we didn't have to try again
thrones are confiscated from our previous dominions
we realize we must become accustomed to this pain

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