What If?

What if there was no hunger, no poverty, no pain?
There'd be no ridicule, not put-downs, no disdain.
What if all you met were kind as they could be?
Perhaps we'd all have better personalities.
What if people always treated you with utmost care?
Couples wouldn't split up; they'd always be in pairs.

But what if no one cared at all, and only expressed hate?
Can you picture the effect upon the world's state?
What if anger raged in the hearts of all that lived?
There'd be no one left to care, no one left to give.
What if guilt was gone, if there was no remorse?
Life might not be worth the running of its course.

Which "what if" would you choose to create a better world?
Peace and harmony among us, or hatred unfurled?
If you care about your loved ones, you might consider this:
Try to turn a good "what if" into "what really is."

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