Something Broken

The rooftop is the home of those who wander it alone.
Dissension follows suit and lets out a little moan.
The stars are shining brightly but the clouds are hiding them.
Despair and disenchantment call out on a distant whim.

Difficulties strewn about, you've reason to complain,
But it could be even worse than this, you know.
Don't give in to dissonance, discouragement, disdain;
Your dearest friend will then become your foe.

Distractions hinder you from every feasible direction,
Damnation comes to visit for its pre-mortem inspection,
Dark and dreary visions deign to occupy your mind:
They try by deep deception to convince you it's your time.

The wool has covered up your eyes just as you said it wouldn't,
You're dancing into danger without seeing.
You're being dragged off to the dungeon where you said you couldn't,
Destroying the true nature of your being.

Return and dwell with me, my friend. Please don't be deceived!
Free yourself from drudgeries and welcome the reprieve.
Disregard disruptions that will only bring you down.
The disaster that results isn't worth the broken crown.

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