her dreams are torn in pieces and she's paralyzed
bitterness and anger are all that's in her blighted eyes
tears run freely down her face and
she just wants to leave this place and
wish that nothing ever happened here at all
she feels so small

he found her in his wandering from here to there
just wanting to love her but she don't seem to care
there's no room left in her heart to
take a chance on a fresh start to
maybe find her way out of this jacked up mess
she feels suppressed

he can't figure out what's made her so upset
she screams inside at memories that she can't forget
the answers just evade her grasp and
she fumbles for the broken glass and
wonders what her life could have been instead
she feels so dead

her dreams are broken down and now she's paralyzed
nothing happened here at all
she is so small

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