O do not forsake me

sometimes you've got to sit down and
look at yourself and
what you've done here and there and

you think what if this or
what if that or
maybe if I tried something here or there or
oh my

O do not forsake me
I cry into the night
help me with this task I face
pull me from my plight

you ask is there an answer to this and
if so where and what is it and
how can I best achieve it and

will it all make sense or
is it just an unsolvable puzzle or
am I just crazy or insane or
why again

O do not forsake me
my one and only plea
I'll never make it by myself
oh please have mercy on me

you look all around yourself and
everything you see is in place and
you're not and you can't see why and
it hurts

you realize something's missing or
maybe you just misplaced it or
it never came it all or whatever or
it just hurts

O do not forsake me
this burden grows too great
please remove it from me
before it grows too late

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