meridian of day

counting the seconds
they slowly tick the time away
fighting the urges
grappling with my soul's complaint

I am

disgruntled faces haunt my paths
whispering daggers

oppressive maneuvers
opposing forces
opportunity unhinging the door
prepare to lose her
predestined courses
pretend not to lie any more

malignant tendencies abound
examine closely what I've found

captured once
captured twice
go ahead. make it thrice

I dare

monkey see. monkey do
monkey's dead
what did I do

corruption waits and power calls
look away
in case I fall

I plead

distant ringing in my ears
gasping now for breath
hell is reaching out to me
save me from this silent death

plausible malevolence
distracted from the truth
powerless to save myself
cut the bloody noose

you love

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