Means To The End

Travel-worn and dusty-cloaked, I scanned the road ahead,
And saw a figure just around the bend.
I scurried to catch up to him, and so he looked at me
And straightway said he'd like to be my friend.
At first, his boldness shocked me, and I stumbled to a halt,
But his smile was kind, and so I smiled back.
We walked again, and as we walked, he told me of a place
Awaiting those who followed in his track.

I'd not been with him many days
When, suddenly, he was betrayed.
They soon were certain of his guilt
And said that blood must needs be spilt.
It mattered not, the thing I knew:
No harm could this man ever do.
What mattered was the thing they said:
The man would serve them better dead.

I watched Him then, in agony, raised upon His cross.
My eyes grew weak and could not hold my tears.
I caught His gaze and saw the passion hidden deep within,
And in that moment, He quelled all my fears.
His lips moved slowly, painfully, and struggling for breath,
Scarcely heard were words that He then spake:
"Only Thou, My Father great, can know My love for these,
So give them chances more for this, My sake."

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