master yourself

there's something inside everyone
that's useless to ignore
we have to face it sometime or another
before it knocks us to the floor

that burning rage down deep somewhere
so hard to maintain the mask
that everything's cool under control
but it's a daily task

pure terror lurks within us
always trying to escape
what would happen if we let it
we couldn't contemplate

that's what you're taught to think you know
and there's good reason maybe
but if you don't know what happens
you won't recognize it baby

it might be just another thing
that occurs in your daily life
you'll never know the difference
between happiness and strife

I've traveled both roads you see
so I'm here to give opinion
learn to understand yourself
master your own dominion

when darkness tends to find the light
and tries to dominate it
suppress suppress remember then
you hate it hate it hate it

try and try and try again
master your carnal desires
face your inner self and always
let the darkness burn in fire

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