it's not them

they pick at your defenses and you flash that bitter smile.
you know nothing can touch you; it's not even worth their while.
you're angry and you're spiteful and I know just how you feel:
you're wishing that your poisoned soul could finally be revealed.

you know, no one hates you more than you hate you.
your rage has got no target but your sick, anguished self.
I know the sad disguise
'cause I've seen it in the eyes
of the mirror's twisted picture of myself.

your days are spent in loneliness 'cause "no one understands."
you shy away from loveliness because you know you can.
you don't need it anyway. you'll show them all, you say.
you think you've found your answer but it's bound to slip away.

'cause no one you know hates you more than you hate you.
you know you've gone too far and now you can't turn around.
I'm not surprised at all,
just waiting till you fall.
I need a playmate down here on the ground.

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