A boy had a memory that he rarely spoke of.
It had to do with his past; an unbreakable love.
The memory was woven tight in his brain,
Indelible--yet it was hard to sustain.
The unbreakable love broke down bit by bit--
The love to which they'd sworn to commit.
The boy was uplifted, joy placed in his heart;
The girl was hurt deeply when the time came to part.

The boy built a wall 'round himself for protection,
A wall that denied his very reflection.
That wall was an insincere nature developed;
He feared to again be sincerely enveloped.
I think down inside him, he was ashamed,
And deeper down yet, shame kindled a flame.
He found it was easier playing the game
Insincerely: he could cast off all blame.

Deep down inside, though, he still was sincere;
He just didn't show it when others were near.
He had a soft side that he tried to suppress,
For he feared what might happen if it was expressed.
When alone, he could do and say things that he'd never
Do or say un-alone; those ties had been severed.
He could write down his thoughts in forms such as this,
And attempt to traverse that dismal abyss.

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