I Am Not Your Random Abuse

You can't blame me for what's happened to you
If you're distraught it's not even my fault
You throw around blame and that's why I got out
Your path was destruction never come to a halt
You looked in the mirror and thought I looked back at you
I guess your mind's gone and it's not coming back
Unless you remember what I once said to you
You've got no real chance to get back on the right track

But you've never listened before
So why try to take it up now?
You don't need to unstop your ears
You've tried so hard to unlearn how
You think that I did this to you
And I tell you you can't deduce
The facts don't leave because you're blind
I am not your random abuse

You see me from the other side of bars you made yourself
And then cry so hard that I might feel sorry for something
But then I recall that you said somehow it's my fault
And suddenly you're all out of luck, little dumpling
I'm not yours and you're not mine; that happened long ago
Why is it so hard to understand what I say?
Too bad you're never interested in anyone but you
If you'd just admit you're wrong we could be on our merry way

It seems to me your brain's impaired
Or maybe just a little loose
Whatever's messed inside your head
I am not your random abuse

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