downward spiral

elusive meanings shrouded in shadow
as easy to find as a supposed release

there's no respite from nightmares but slumber
just escape found alone in the darkness

stolen in a sporadically sub-par enigmatic battle
all my tears are now gone. heartless and
I weep because I cannot weep

a sieve
fisher's net
catching the mountains of emptiness
all that slips through my weaving is peace

outside clawed away from the inside
by the black hole scrabbling for a breath of air

struggle reminds me of the victory
I surrendered too freely too long ago. without care and
a disparate legacy lies at my feet

I live
as yet
untouched by reprieve from the dissonance
wondering when the torment will cease

memory falls from my uncareful fingers
in my illusory escape I shrug off the pain

newly encircled by shadowy conflagration
I am sundered from my freedom. disdained and
my fall from grace is almost complete

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