random allies approach the foe
disunified they fight a common enemy
for survival they never thought they'd need
nothing is accomplished
unification is a necessity
but is unreachable until further notice

disillusion exists only in the eyes of the beholder
yet runs rampant
cannot be contained
apathy reigns
love is replaced by disdain

the enemy approaches from behind
they are surrounded on all sides
hysteria arrives in reinforced waves
and the new dawn seems forever unreachable
miscommunication might prove perilous
but so what? lingers in the air

I met disillusion the other day
interesting character
I knocked
he opened the lock
we talked
I was shocked

escape is impossible
easy to reach as the moon
differences set aside doesn't help now
too bad we didn't think of that earlier
disillusion settles in
enjoys its new home thoroughly

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