conversation with the other me

the mirror holds a thousand lies
behind the face I see before me.
I see the suffering in the eyes
and ponder in my mind a story.

a tiny bit won't hurt, they chided,
and bit by bit you were misguided.
in the devil you confided.
only I am left to write it.

little boy, you were so trusting.
only natural. I understand.
integrity and goodness rusting.
no one there to grab your hand.

it was such a clever ruse.
what did you have to lose?
no way could you refuse the subtle deal.
after all, what harm could come?
it was just a little fun,
and when the game was done you could appeal.

it doesn't work like that, little friend;
the pain and hurt and sorrow wouldn't end.
did you think he'd let you have your way?
of course. that's why I'm here today.

that's why I look into my eyes
and see those tears you cannot cry.
they're not there. do you know why?
a cheap, illicit alibi.

he messed you up, you poor dear soul.
isn't it nice to finally know?
with his delicate art
he really blackened your heart.

it's all right, though. it's all right. it's all right.
Someone's watching out for you tonight.
He loves you. He loves.
He's looking down from above.
His life was for you.
it was the least He could do.

He'll take you back into His arms
and wrap them tight around you.
He'll keep you safe from all the harms
and fears that seem to surround you.

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