He opened up his heart
to him who held his life in hand.
They talked about the things he was,
the things he could have gotten.
They talked about his foolish whims,
the given reprimands.
He knew he'd failed his tasks because
his life had turned out rotten.

Ignorance can be damning and

He'd had it all that could be had
except the crucial things:
a charity for all that lived.
A love for anyone.
A heart devoid of malice and
the joy that laughter brings.
He had no inclination to give,
just his petty, twisted fun.

power can be maddening but

Offered solace, offered respite,
he slowly shook his head,
not wanting to be nursed.
He would not yield today.
Wanting what he could not get--
desires endlessly fed--
what was bad became much worse:
he stood and walked away.

abdication will obliterate your soul.

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