A Lesson To Be Learned

"Come here, come here!" the voices called
And he could not ignore them.
"We will not harm you, not at all,"
Said they as they implored him.

They filled his mind up to the brim
Till it very nearly shattered.
"It's better this way!" they cried, they cried,
With their horrid sounding chatter.

"All right," he said, "enough, enough,
Why are you in my head?
If it will stop your babbling mouths,
I'll come with you," he said.

As he spoke the words they crowed with joy,
And then dragged him away.
"One less person we must strive,"
They said, "to take and slay."

"Insane, insane!" the masses raged.
"You cannot have his soul!
He's young yet, he's too young for you
To drag into your hole!"

"He's ours, he's ours!" they shouted back.
"You can't have him again!
He thought he knew it once before,
But he's yet to feel real pain!"

They had him trapped inside their web
From whence few can escape;
Once he was inside looking out
He couldn't help but gape.

"Oh, no," he thought, "what have I done?
I've seen the wrong of things.
I must get back to where I was
But I'll as soon sprout wings."

A time he labored to escape,
But always was returned
To his prison where they tortured him
Moreso than he had earned.

He gave up all hope of redemption
Till someone came along,
Opened up his cell door, and said,
"Come quick! We must be gone."

A voice or two remained with him
And slowly gathered more,
Till he found his road led back
To the place he was before.

He knew this time that he was trapped
For all eternity,
But once again he was removed
By another entity.

This time the voices all were gone
By the time he left his cell,
For he'd learned to recognize them
As his speedy path to hell.

He realized what they'd done to him
And now he was indebted.
He swore that he would not again
Be so easily re-netted.

It was the hardest thing in life
To remain clear and well,
But the voices stayed away from him
And all his fears were quelled.

The rest of life was good to him
And he was good to life.
He'd learned the lesson hard and well,
So ended was his strife.

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