A Day In The Life Of

The snow is coming down in force
Blanketing the day with white.
Bleakness overcomes the world
And bleakness fades slowly,
Painstakingly to night.

Sometimes it's hard to make it, while trying not to fake it,
And trying to forsake it makes my heart mourn.
And then you come along and tell me to be strong--
That I'm destined to belong and then be reborn.

An inkwell slowly dries up as the words flow from within.
A heart is slowly filled up with the memories of sin.
A tear wells up in an eye, unbeknownst to all.
A heart pours out its inner hurt, bitterness, and gall.
A soul comes to assist in the removal of said hurt.
A trial to render degradation and dismay inert.
A new beginning to incur a further restoration.
A new commitment to reject a further inclination.

non-realization of the lack of the quintessential
goes forgotten and unlooked for in the bustle of normalcy

a seed sown in the hidden cracks
intent to destroy
eliminate joy
miscreant envoy
clever ploy

The snow effaces the ground around me
like a new memory, yet to be discovered.

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